Don't Get Blindsided

New Office Checklist

It's the details that get you. A nearly perfect office move can be ruined by one or two missed details.

That's why we created the 47-point New Office Checklist. Make sure you're tracking these 47 points and ensure your next office move is a success.

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A New Office Design Begins With a Good Plan


Decision Making and Planning Phase

The worst time to plan your new space is after you've signed a lease. Build your next office plan on a firm foundation.


Vendors and Assistance

One of the most overlooked plans in a new office design is the variety of trades needed to make it a success. 


Pre-Move and Move Phase

This is the biggest part of the checklist because there are so many details to track. One missed detail is the difference between success and perceived failure. 


Post-Move Phase

It isn't over until it's over. And it's easy to miss important actions after your move is [nearly] complete.